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What I do for Ikon

— Develop and produce WordPress website and blog for award-winning Sydney design studio
— Research, write and produce weekly content focusing on the latest in design and pop culture
— Research ideas and prepare text and images for Electronic Direct Marketing (EDM) campaigns


Client This Is Ikon
When Current, since 2010
Media Digital
Tasks Content production & writing


Our working week begins with a Snap, a recently taken shot from somewhere in the world visited by one of our team. Our gallivants are slowly taking us across the globe with stops in Surat, New York, Amsterdam, Athens, Paris… And our home town Sydney features prominently too.

Blog Content

I research, write and prepare posts for Play on a weekly basis on a range of topics inspiring us in the studio, Juli Bolaños-Durman’s spectacular glass works (pictured) being just one. We cover design, art, trends, music and of course food and wine with regular categories Fontificate, Playlist, Wiggin’ Out and Sate among other thrown into the mix.

Need help with your blog?

I can help with content, plan and design