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A Handbook for Governing
Hyper-diverse Cities

What I did for the handbook

— Creative concept based on research undertaken by EU funded DIVERCITES project
— Cover and graphic design throughout along with print coordination and management
— Photography, image research and image preparation


Client Utrecht University

When 2017

Media Print

Task Graphic design & photography

Handbook's Mission

The DIVERCITIES A Handbook for Governing Hyper-diverse Cities is based on research in 14 countries. The aim of the magazine-style handbook is to provide insight for policy makers on how to improve social cohesion, social mobility and economic performance in cities and to give policy makers ideas on how to unlock the positive aspects of urban diversity.


The visual attractiveness of the handbook relied on the use of imagery relevant to the featured initiatives. Photographs were sourced from all fourteen countries with a focus on highlighting the positive aspects of diversity through various the projects and programs. Some researchers provided images as did Frank Hoyinck and myself.

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