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Zig Zag City is an architectural festival held each year in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. This year’s location was Zuidplein, a district in the south of the city known for having the largest shopping mall in the country (for now at least though a new one is taking form on the outskirts of The Hague) and for the Ahoy, the home ground of Feijenoord, the city’s beloved football team. Flaneur, an eccentric magazine basing itself in a different street in a different city for each issue, produced a newspaper to celebrate the district. They coordinated a two-day workshop in collaboration with Zig Zag and OMI in Rotterdam, a project that I was lucky enough to take part in along with 14 other international creatives with backgrounds in architecture, design, art and writing.

The first day was devoted to exploring the district — though some of us close to Rotterdam had a head start and took to the streets armed with disposable cameras a bit earlier — to find stories, images and other information to produce the newspaper with the editorial team that day. It was a major challenge tackled with enthusiasm by all and resulted in some surprising tales, responses and work. Printed overnight, the paper was folded and distributed the following day with those living and working in the district.