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Content Production

Jonathan Higbee’s phenomenal photography for This Is Ikon’s blog Play. Find out what I do for Ikon or skip straight to Play.

Website Design & Build

PARCOUR is an international research project coordinated by the University of Amsterdam. Find out what I did for PARCOUR.
Tuna's Website

Website Design & Build

A fresh new website and blog for Tuna Tasan-Kok showcasing her international academic and professional achievements. Project details.
Divercities Handbook

Video Project Management

Vibrant video to document the Governing Urban Diversity Conference held in Rotterdam. Find out more about the project or watch the video.

Divercities Handbook

Handbook Design

DIVERCITIES to promote positive aspects of diversity as discovered in their four year research project in 14 cities. Take a peek at what I did.

Website Design & Build

DIVERCITIES website with a major design upgrade, blog and navigational structure providing links to find information quickly. What my role entailed.

What I Do

In a nutshell, I bring together photography, design and writing to create professional online profiles for artists and academics and their projects.


Graphic Design

Print and web design for research projects and academics


Research and write blog and create video content for various channels


Tailored image-making and shoots backed by large photographic archive


WordPress sites and blogs for academics and research projects


Background in media, art, design and photography.

Writing & Editing

Native English speaker to help international clients with their English


I had the pleasure of working with David, who created a website for our international research project. David is an efficient worker and a great communicator. Moreover, he is organized and always looking for creative solutions, which resulted in an excellent online platform for us to present our work. I highly recommend David’s services to anyone!

Martijn van den Hurk

Project Manager, PARCOUR, University of Amsterdam

David designed and implemented tailor-made websites for me, one for my academic profile and the other for a research project. They both presented great learning experiences with fantastic results. He made sure that he knew exactly what I had in mind right down to the smallest detail and kept on revising it until we both were happy with the website design. His professionalism, creativity and technical capacity is a unique combination!

Tuna Tasan-Kok

Professor, University of Amsterdam

David did a terrific job modernising and redesigning our website. David’s use of social media was very effective and has led to a huge increase of traffic to our website. David is very flexible and always reacts promptly. He also did a magnificent job in designing our Handbook for Governing Hyper-diverse Cities.

Gideon Bolt

Project Coordinator DIVERCITIES, Utrecht University

I enjoy the challenge of bringing projects to life. Get in touch to find out what I can do for you.

Recent Posts

AIGHD’s Website

I worked on AIGHD's extensive new website to ensure consistency across the site in relation to text and image components. With some 50+ projects across the globe content accuracy was key.

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One of my most enjoyable tasks for This Is Ikon's blog Play is writing about what cool things are on across the globe. From exhibitions featuring giant dinosaurs made of discarded plastic toys to astonishing large-scale drawings inspired by the marvel that is...

PARCOUR Research’s Site

It is always exciting to work on international projects and PARCOUR Research was no exception. My brief was to design and build a new website to showcase their research in Brazil, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The resulting website gives each research area...

New Site for Tuna Tasan-Kok

Tuna Tasan-Kok's new website is now live. Tuna commissioned me to design and build a site with a blog to showcase and highlight her academic work and international research in the fields of urban planning and diversity. Learn more about what I did here.

Zig Zag

Zig Zag City is an architectural festival held each year in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. This year's location was Zuidplein, a district in the south of the city known for having the largest shopping mall in the country (for now at least though a new one is taking...